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Autor(es): Ana María Castañeda González


Results are presented in a fast ecological assessment in the Metropolitan Park “Maria Lucia “Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia. The samplings were conducted in an area by a multidisciplinary group of professionals from the University Corporation Meta and the National University of Colombia; the samples were performed in the entire park and its associated aquatic environments. Taxonomic composition and structure was analyzed from the union of communities assessed on the basis of intensive inventories. At least 33 mammals, 45 amphibians, 76 birds and 43 fish, including some endangered extinction forms from the Red Book.

The fish group showed the highest taxonomic richness and union complexity, while mammals had the lowest taxonomic richness which is explained by the absence or reduction of tree layer, fragmentation of woodlands, decrease in the availability of resources and the impact of livestock. In some areas dominated by Moriches exceptionally high, taxonomic diversity was recorded and relatively complex guild structure, by the association of these ecosystems with swamp forests.

The attributes of the evaluated communities could be influenced also by the characteristic pattern of seasonal flooding in the region, the biases of sampling and the degree of evolution of some habitats. It highlights the importance of results for the conservation of local biodiversity and recommends some complementary lines of research.