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Autor(es): César Antonio Cardona Almeida, Jorge Luis Sánchez Lozano, José Javier Oliveros Acosta


This paper presents a brief description of the scope and project phases and activities and preliminary results of the initial construction phase of the hydraulic model of the Magdalena River in one and two dimensions. Likewise make comments about expectations and potential model and lessons,learned.in-its-development-process. In the first step were collected and analyzed the data available for the scope of the model of the Magdalena River. Subsequently, the data were converted.to-formats-suitable-for-direct-use-in-SOBEK-®.

In the next step Construction Model (Model SOBEK 1D2D), the model structure was based on the functional design, for example, the distinction between purely 1D part (main channel), areas and floodplains and wetlands 2D represented by the storage nodes. The model is forced to discharge upstream according to the time series and limit water level downstream. The side to and from the river to tax downloads will be-included-in-the-model-using-time-series.


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