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Autor(es): Ramón María Cubaque Mendoza, Liatte Adriana Bueno Hernández, Juan Manuel Díaz Martínez


Corporate social responsibility must be conceived by those organizations as positive or negative impact caused by their actions on the human person, both inside and outside your company, and to be measured and controlled throughout the process of sustainable development in industries or business organization of any type or condition. This is because searches potentiate the positive impacts and minimize negative impacts.

Citing this reason it is a binding commitment that managers and owners of business organization to be met and taken into account in making daily decisions and is thought to be included in the organizational schemas from business planning, taking into that these impacts may favor or disadvantage the quality of life of people; also clarifying that when referring to the internal class person is referring to all employees of different levels of the organization and all those external category that even without direct contact with the company are affected in one way or another by the actions that take place daily in


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